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7875 Maxwell Rd, Houston, TX 77040, USA


Bathroom - Public Electricity Parking


Estimated attendance:  200,000


April 1-4, 2021


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Until Full


First Monday Trade Days is already known for being a picker’s paradise with all kinds of unique things to find. We thought we would up the ante and hide Easter eggs ALL OVER THE GROUNDS!

All weekend long, while you are shopping, keep your eyes peeled for those cute little plastic Easter Eggs full of great things like candy, coupons, and toys!

Make sure to bring the kids by Trade Center 1 on Saturday at 2 o’clock for a MEGA-HUNT! The Easter Bunny will have thousands of Easter eggs hidden for the little ones to grab.

If you are a shopper and want to participate, just bring yourself and some friends and keep an eye out!

If you are a vendor and want to participate, go ahead and grab some eggs and stuff them with all kinds of goodies. If you are a participant on the city side LET US KNOW, we will enter you into a drawing to win a $100 credit towards your booth rental for the coming up shows (we are going to give 3 of these away!)


IT ALL BEGAN … in the 1850′s when the circuit judge stopped in Canton on the FIRST MONDAY of each month. This was the day the Judge held court. People from the area came to town on that day to conduct their business, stock their pantries, and sit in on court proceedings … and watch a few “hangings”. History relates to one incident where a man was hung for stealing his partner’s wagon of goods for trading. He is buried facing south (not east) in Hillcrest Cemetery by the First Monday grounds.

Quite naturally, many also brought their own goods, produce, and livestock with them to sell or trade. This took place just off the west side of the courthouse square. Most history versions include the trading of wild horses, which were rounded up in the region and brought to Canton to sell.

By 1965, FIRST MONDAY had outgrown the Town Square, It was then that the City of Canton purchased six acres just two blocks north of the courthouse. FIRST MONDAY was moved off the square.

Originally, FIRST MONDAY only “happened” on the first Monday of each month. However, if you take a look NOW at the calendar, you will note that Monday has been excluded.

Even though the event goes from Thursday – Sunday, the name is now and will forever be known as FIRST MONDAY TRADE DAYS.




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