Logan Square OUTDOOR Farmers Market

Farmers Market May 9-October 31, 2021 (Sundays)

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Logan Square, 3107 W. Logan Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60647


Bathroom - Public Parking


Estimated attendance:  5,000


May 9-October 31, 2021 (Sundays)


Exhibitors Application Deadline

Opens in February Until Full



Sundays, 5/9/21 – 10/31/21
9am-3pm rain or shine, along Logan Blvd from Milwaukee to Whipple
*Street address for GPS devices is: 3107 W. Logan Blvd., Chicago, IL 60647


Since 2005, The Logan Square Farmers Market (LSFM) has been an open-air food market and weekly community gathering. In 2007, the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce (LSCC) took on this effort and has been the LSFM’s premier organizer since. The LSFM is a place where farmers and small-scale food producers from the Chicago Food Shed sell their goods and build relationships with consumers; where residents come to see their neighbors, be fed and entertained; and participate in the Logan Square community.

Today we remain one of the only weekly, year-round, Farmers Markets in the City of Chicago. For more information go to Chicago Farmers Markets.

The Market Has Three Primary Goals:

1. To Build an Alternative Food System: The LSFM provides an outlet for nutritious, conscientiously grown and produced local foods, and education about these foods, for all members of our community regardless of income level. This is accomplished by a thorough assessment of the vendors and by facilitating SNAP benefit sales and credit or debit card sales. During the Outdoor Seasons, all produce farmers at the LSFM will be able to accept Farmers Market Nutrition Program checks offered to WIC/Senior Clients from the IL Department of Human Services. In July 2021, we will be able to offer Double Dollars to our SNAP users, matching up to $15 using LINK cards and FMNP checks in vouchers to be spent on fresh produce at the Logan Square Farmers Market.

2. To Foster Entrepreneurship: The LSFM functions as an incubator for small-scale, local entrepreneurs, especially those in the food sector. Applications from small-scale farmers, producers, and other food businesses will be given preference. The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce rents space throughout the season to various Logan Square-based non-food businesses to help them increase their profile.

3. To Build Community: The LSFM serves the community by raising the profile of the neighborhood, reinforcing a positive image of Logan Square, and creating a site for civic engagement and entertainment.


1. Farmer/Producer – for farmers or producers of raw or minimally processed agricultural (i.e., produce, livestock/dairy farmers, fishermen, beekeepers, etc.) LSFM produce farmers must accept LINK, Double Value Coupons, and Farmers Market Nutrition Program Checks from customers

2. Baker/Processor – for bakers or processors of products made from raw or minimally processed ingredients. (i.e. soup makers, soap makers, baked goods, coffee roasters, juices, ice creams, etc). LSFM Bakers/Processors must produce their products in a certified commercial kitchen with health inspection documentation as well as a Food Safety Manager Certification.

3. Prepared Food – for qualified makers of prepared foods. Please note that PF vendors MUST have all items packaged “to-go” as there is no consumption on-site due to Covid-19 pandemic. PF vendors must use compostable disposables and should source as many local ingredients as your product allows. Please review the City of Chicago’s “Guidelines for Food Handling at Temporary Food Service Events.” Certification must be renewed annually. For trainings see: Illinois Restaurant Association or Logan Square Kitchen.

LSFM Indoor & Outdoor Seasons

The LSFM is a year-round, 2 Season market. Vendors must re-apply each season for consideration.

1. Outdoor Season: May through October. Application opens in February.

2. Indoor Season: November through March. Application opens in September.


The City of Chicago and the Illinois Farmers Market Association will continue to abide by Covid-19 Guidelines implemented in 2020. For the LSFM Outdoor Season, this means we are limited to 32 spaces to vend.

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