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A creative umbrella for designers, photographers, retail brands and artisans. We help local and international brands & creatives connect and construct in order to bring their visions for their brand and business either professionally or personally to life.
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Arrica Afton & Co.

Our Story

I have personally worn many hats in my life and on a day to day are constantly juggling those. I know life keeps us busy and we all want to maintain a certain look and feel our best throughout the day.

I was a young teenage mom myself, I went through several life-changing experiences causing me to lose weight that made me feel extremely uncomfortable with my appearance. I struggled with self-confidence each time my body would change. I worked in the corporate world, as well as was a business owner myself so I understand the different roles each plays. I can relate very well with today’s woman. She is the one juggling many hats and wants to look her best while doing that so on the days she isn’t juggling so well…at least she can look like she is and that in its self will make all the difference. We are all human, right!

Everyone can relate to fashion..all ages. We all have this image we would like to portray or wear certain things that represent us. Working with my clients I try to assist them in finding their own style that they feel comfortable & most importantly confident in.

Most of my clients reach out to me after they have gone through a life-changing experience. It could be a new mommy or someone who has recently lost or gained weight. They may have recently gone through a divorce and are looking for a new look to boost their self-confidence again or just a busy mom, or everyday working women too busy to find the time to figure out what looks best on them. We all look different, therefore can not dress the same. That famous quote “Where the clothes; do not let the clothes wear you”. So true, if we all dressed the same, the clothes would be owning us instead of the other way around.

I believe one feels most confident when they find self-love. My services may start at the wardrobe, however, my goal is far greater. I want to help each person I connect with feel super confident in who they are and to love themselves fully.
I am a huge advocate for a positive & healthy lifestyle!


Social media can be a double edge sword 🗡 sometimes. It connects 🔌 us across the world but has disconnected us at the same time as well. So many inspirational people we follow online. Who are they really? 👀 🤷🏻‍♀️ These girls were all that and a bag of chips 😆😘 . So genuine and so fun to be around. I just can’t get enough ❤️...Thank you @dcursed1 for the behind the scenes footage 📽................#behindthescenes #photoshoot #fashion #style #styling #ss2020 #htxbossbabes #womeninbusiness #whoruntheworld #howweroll #womensupportingwomen

Posted by Arrica Afton & Co on Monday, March 9, 2020

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I offer a wide variety of services to busy moms, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, photographers and retail brands looking to revamp their style or just need a style consult to work with on projects occasionally.

I do have a small Vintage Boutique myself where I curate fashion forward pieces for the stylish.

Along with a Denim Line that is hand painted, dis-stressed, or embroidered.


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