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Shop a curated selection of exclusive finds from around the world! Gift giving and decor can be hard, so our mission and goal is for every customer to shop joyfully and give proudly!
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Blue Leaf

Our Story

At Blue Leaf we believe that people want to experience shopping in a different way. And that is why we don’t play safe, we don’t go for the ordinary. We shop major markets throughout America and Europe to bring you not only the finest products by renowned and upcoming designers, but we chose the other side of the trend. We love color, and texture, and you can see that in our exquisite furniture pieces, and our distinctive accessories, the whimsical lighting products and the timeless art, our luxurious linens that most of our client’s adore, custom florals, sensational stationery, our captivating jewelry department that continues to grow, the stylish beauty products and off course, our well known unique holiday gifts and decor, Blue Leaf is truly a shopping revelation.  That’s our commitment to making our customers’ homes as beautiful, unique and comfortable as possible. Blue Leaf has been an institution in Houston since 1998. During that time we’ve built a reputation as carrying the best of the best.

From exquisite furniture and lovely home furnishings and lighting, to gorgeous crystal, regal china, fine jewelry, elegant stem and flatware, plus an amazing collection of unique gifts, Blue Leaf is a space where people find a curated collection of products that can be used in different aspects of someone’s life, not just in their homes but also in any other space or occasion, enriching the quality of their experience with high quality products that amuse and embellish providing character and stories to tell.

Blue Leaf can help make your house the home you’ve always wanted it to be.

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