Camellia Alise

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Our mission is to provide high quality, natural solutions to razor bumps that enhance your skin's radiance and prevent ingrown hairs.

Camellia Alise

Our Story

Camellia Alise’s name was derived by combining “Camellia Oil,” our exclusive ingredient weaved into all of our products, and the middle name of our company’s founder, Lyndsey Alise.

Lyndsey’s Story
After battling with sensitive skin and ingrown hairs as a symptom of my PCOS, and seeing many of my friends do the same, the idea for Camellia Alise was born. Seeking a way to naturally prevent the ingrown hairs and skin irritations I had always dealt with, and finding nothing on the market, I used my medical aesthetics license to formulate natural skincare products that met my needs and the needs of those who also struggle with ingrown hairs, acne, scars, and stretch marks. My goal is to help them achieve radiant skin they can be proud of.

Indeed I take great pleasure in our natural products that are handcrafted and both paraben and sulfate free, and always will be. Everyone in my family, including my toddler, uses these healing and enhancing skincare products, which I am proud to offer to families everywhere!

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High quality, natural solutions to razor bumps that enhance your skin’s radiance, and end the awful cycle of your ingrown hair nightmares.

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