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Handcrafted paper goods and gifts with a little sass. Where dope people buy dope cards.

Carla Sue

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Carla Lyles is the founder of Carla Sue Greeting Cards and Gifts, a fun and sassy, no nonsense handcrafted card company based in her beloved hometown of Houston, TX. Carla is a self-taught crafter who has perfected the art of developing corky, yet beautiful greeting cards that are guaranteed to smile.
In 2012, Carla began making her own paper out of recycled paper scrapes after a papermaking workshop in her hometown. Throughout her career, Carla has worked with some of Houston’s top crafters, and graphic designers to assist her in honing her skills as a maker.
You can find Carla’s wonderful greeting cards not only in Houston but in several stores around the nation. Carla has been recognized in many publications and is the winner of Pop Shop America’s Maker Awards in the Best Prints and Paper Goods category. When she isn’t making cards and other goodies, she is spending time with her adorable 3 year old son Kaleb.

This has been a strange rollercoaster ride of a year. A year of learning the meaning of self love and discovering who I am. Figuring out Carla (the person) and Carla, owner of Carla Sue. It's been a beautiful struggle and I wouldn't have gotten through this without you guys. Thank you to every customer, buyer and small business shop owner who gave Carla Sue a chance! Thank you market organizers, family and friends for your support. I am forever grateful and will keep working my hardest to crank out new funny cards and gifts for you guys!2018 was fun but I am ready to push forward and get comfortable in my purpose of helping other women of color through their business journey. Lots in store next year and I'm super excited!LOOK AT ME BEING A BUSINESS WOMAN AN SHIT! I'm looking less and less like a train wreck every year! 🤣 Stay tuned for the glow up! See in ya in 2019. Again thank you 🙏🏾

Posted by Carla Sue on Friday, December 28, 2018

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Where dope people, buy dope cards.

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Hey! I’m Carla! I make the paper of my cards with recycled paper scraps because I’m dope. I design dope things on the outside of the cards. Then dope people buy the cards. Totally cards for the cool kids.

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