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Colorado ZooGo provides a fun and entertaining "mobile" build a stuffed pet service.
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Colorado Zoogo

Our Story


Colorado ZooGo® is a family-owned and operated entertainment company located in Eagle Colorado, in the heart of the Vail Valley. We were established in 2018 bringing a unique and fun child (and adult) event idea to your local community.

Our mission is to bring joy and happiness to all those around us!

We offer a build-your-own stuffed animal service that comes right to your party, event or fundraiser (big or small). We have a large variety of adorable plush animals and outfits to choose from, and custom t-shirts to truly make any event one for all to remember!

Looking for an exciting and different event idea? Look no further as Colorado ZooGo can help! We look forward to bringing our exclusive stuffing machines, friendly staff, and large animal selection to your next big event.

Fundraisers & Charities

We can help you with your fundraising events! If you need a unique activity we have the perfect Stuff N’ LUV fundraising program. The Stuff N’ Luv fundraising program is the perfect way to draw children to your carnival or fundraising event.

We can bring our portable fluffing machine to your school or venue, and your child can build his/her very own animal. We can even include a Custom T-Shirt for each animal, a birth certificate and a carrying box.

Would you like the Custom T-Shirts to include your school logo or maybe a logo for a specific event? No problem! We can make almost any custom logo you can imagine.

We will provide all the supplies to stuff each animal for a reduced price and then charge up to $20 or more for children and adults so you can raise much-needed money! In fact, pricing is the same as parties, but the best part of our fundraisers is that we give back $3-4/ per stuff animal! It’s the perfect way to raise money while having fun! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Birthday Parties & Events **WIN A PARTY!**

Are you hosting a large group event and wonder how you can bring it to life? Colorado ZooGo is your answer! Our fluff machine is the life of the party. Kids’ eyes light up when they see their favorite animal magically come to life! Then, add tables filled custom t-shirts and outfits makes kids light up. Truly a joy to watch!

It’s a fun, clean, and safe option for your private event, such as birthday parties of all ages, employee appreciation parties, thank-you parties, or just to give back to the community! If you have a special event (big or small), Colorado ZooGo will be there!


Are you looking for a fun, unique and economical event idea for your employees? We can help! Want to promote your business? We have the solution!

We can also provide custom animals, outfits and t-shirts. Bulk discounts are available.


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