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South Africa has tons of creativity that results in the most beautiful products! Don't miss out on all the beautiful products we have to offer!
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Dumela Crafts

Our Story


There is so much amazing creativity going on in South Africa these days. From home decor to jewelry, artwork, fashion and more- we simply felt that it was time to share all this amazingness with the world.

We are dedicated to bringing South Africans produced and designed pieces that 99% of the time are handmade. These amazing products are just too great to keep in one country!

At Dumela, we are on the path to partnering with some great companies with amazing messages behind them…think ‘freedom…’ and hope that where those partnerships go will only grow our supporters and suppliers alike!


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Our Products / Services

Ethically-made and source from South Africa.

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We are focused on bringing our customers the perfect shopping experience for items that they do not generally have access to.

We support small brands that give back to the local community through community work, employing staff and sourcing products within Sub-Saharan Africa.

And with each and every purchase you make you’re supporting so many brands and families grow.


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