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We're on a mission to flip the dining experience on its head through the element of surprise.

East Boston Oysters

Our Story

Our events are always in a secret location and guests find out where they are going just 24 hours prior. We like to make things like caviar more approachable and accessible by feeding them to people in large formats and/or on unexpected vessels like crab rangoon’s, donuts, chips, pizza and ice cream. We’re trying to flip the expected dining experience on its head by showing people that you don’t need to eat sitting down. You don’t need to drink bubbles out of a flute. You don’t need to pay $200 for a small plop of caviar. We believe that collaboration is king. We like to work with artists, farmers, hospitality nerds, designers and like-minded people to create an unparalleled experience. This entire concept developed from humble beginnings of shucking oysters on the beach with family, hustling with dad as a kid at his vending carts in the city and going on camping trips where we would feast like it was our last meal. East Boston Oysters has been in Boston dining scene for 4 years and has been recognized by Forbes, Vogue and local publications including “Best of Boston”.

First course from last night- Pemaquid oysters with sweet pea, mint + fresh grated horseradish 󾀾󾁎󾀸 #eatmoreoysters #EBOsecretsupper @dayvbecker

Posted by East Boston Oysters on Monday, May 16, 2016

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Our Products / Services

"Every now and then a disruptor comes along"-Vogue

  • Apparel - Womens
  • Apparel - Accessories
  • Food and Drink
  • Services
  • Jewelry

Examples of tangible products include :
-our own caviar line
-EBO shucking knife + learning experience
-oyster scarves by Project Runway Winner, Erin Robertson

We are constantly collaborating with different artists, designers and other entrepreneurs to create products that suit our next event. We are the creators of experience. Experiences are what we produce.

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