Feather Together

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Feather Together is an online clothing boutique focused on accessibility through size inclusivity and affordability. We provide customers with stylish, affordable, and comfortable clothes so they can keep doing what they do best--run the world.
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  • Est. 2019

Feather Together

Our Story

Feather Together is an online clothing boutique that focuses on accessibility through affordability and size inclusivity. It was started by Meggie Orgain in 2019 when she decided to unite her passions for fashion and the celebration of all bodies. Ever since she was a kid in southeast Texas, she had a dream of owning a store of her own. And now as a mom and wife in Dallas, Texas, Feather Together is that dream come true.

Feather Together currently carries sizes XS through 3X, but we are working to include more sizes in the future. We strive to bring our customers an authentic boutique experience by carefully curating our collections (so you know each item was chosen with intention), carrying small quantities of items (so you won’t see yourself coming and going), and offering the best in customer service (so you feel like you’re part of the family).

Our clothes are stylish and comfortable–with a touch of lagniappe (Creole French for “a little something extra”). So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your shop on so you can get back to what you do best–running the world.

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