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Green Education Foundation is a registered nonprofit, public charity committed to creating green educational programs and workshops.
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Green Education Foundation

Our Story

There are so many worthwhile causes that it is difficult to decide which cause to support because we obviously can’t support them all.

Although there are many wonderful environmental causes that are leading the way towards a more sustainable and green future, we need more leaders who can champion the green cause.

Today’s youths are confused about what should be done. They are getting mixed messages from their parents, peers, educators, political and business leaders. When our President tells us that shopping is good for our Country, it sends a contradictory message since children are told that reducing unnecessary consumption is good for the planet. Children find it hard to reconcile contradictory positions and often times choose to withdraw from any real position of their own. Of course, they also tend to be influenced by the loudest voice – The Media.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it!” – Robert Swan

Corporations spend billions of dollars buying our children’s’ attention in order to convince them to become better consumers and although there are many fine examples of corporate “green responsibility”, we can not depend on them nor should we expect them, to promote reduced consumerism. It is irrational thinking to expect any company to promote against its best interest.

The task of educating our children regarding environmental responsibility lays squarely on our shoulders.

And although the “idea” of our mission is simple, our tasks are far from simple. We are faced with serious budget cuts in education that make it difficult to ask our schools to add more to their curriculum.

Green Education is simply not a priority in most schools. Of course, many schools do an admirable job and work hard to expose their students to some elements of Green Education. But these schools need help and without specific programs that engage the students and expose them to the real threat that complacency brings, we will have lost the battle for our future generations.

Research tells us that our most impressionable years are between the ages of 7-16. These are the years we develop our perspective on the world and how it makes sense in our lives. If we can engage our youth with the “environmental question”. If we can instill the belief in our children that a problem does in fact exist, their young minds will “grow, think, and create” solutions that we currently cannot fathom or anticipate.

“Seed Minds – Save the Future”

This is what we refer to as “planting the seeds of awareness regarding the environmental question”. The simplest way to effect political change on the environmental issue is to raise a generation of children who believe or at the very least understand that a serious problem does, in fact, exist and needs to be addressed now rather than later.

More importantly, we must look beyond our current generation and attempt to envision how our “planting the seeds of awareness” in today’s generation will affect the minds and convictions of future generations. You see seeds grow to become strong trees that seed their own generation of trees.

Although our environmental problems may seem insurmountable in today’s light, we believe the solution lies not in today’s technology but in tomorrow’s. This “solution” can only be found if someone is actively looking.

Our mission is to help our children know enough and care enough to be looking.


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Posted by Green Education Foundation on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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"Seed Minds - Save the Future"

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Educating our youth about environmental sustainability (careful planning of our planets limited natural resources), global warming, and balancing our needs with the needs of future generations all require a fundamental understanding of the problems we face.

Engaging students in their own communities and in their own local environments helps define these issues more clearly.

Our goal is to raise money in order to fund the creation of “Green Programs” that are tailored to the student’s ages.

Coupled with workshops and hands-on “Green Projects” that engage and challenge the minds of our students to think about solutions, we hope to be able to make a lasting impact on their choices.

The goals of the Green Education Foundation is to simplify these complex issues for our children, not confuse them with the debates and the positions of any one side. The only issue we concern ourselves with is the issue of “Awareness”.

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