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H. Harloquin specializes in formal evening special occasion dresses. I buy, manage, style and fit each individual. When we dress someone for pr0m, a charity gala, a birthday party they will stand out and look better than any of the actresses we see at the Golden Globe Event or for the most part. They will know how to pose for their photos. We take photos when each customer is trying on and believe that you need to have perspective and be able to look at yourself objectively before you make your choice of which dress you look the best in.

Sizing someone has always been my specialty when it came to designing I knew how to size my patterns and when it comes to dresses I have learned that no two companies have the same size chart. Photography and styling are what I really enjoy as well~!

I am proud that as a company we have been through our ups and downs and still hang in there with a positive attitude. I am proud that I have competed with every major designer there is in my field of design and have made it and H. Harloquin still is in business. I believe we are very service-oriented and try to inspire the young to dream big, have a vision and follow through and reach their goals.

I also have and am competing with every store in Houston that specializes in formal and cocktail dresses and am proud to say I have a following of many loyal and satisfied customers.


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Designer dresses for mothers & daughters.

  • Apparel - Womens
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Prom Dresses, evening designer dresses, short cocktail dresses, Mardi Gras dresses, wedding dresses, party dresses.

We carry Jovani, Terani, Jasz Couture, Faviana, Nina Cannacci, Scala, Alyce, and more.


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