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Men and Women accessories offering the perfect blend of style, cost and quality! It's #HerbertWayne
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Our Story


It all started with a vision in the Summer of 2015. On an hour-long drive home for our founder, the desire to put his fondness for fashionable accessories to work sparked what has since become HerbertWayne.

Fast-forwarding to Spring of 2017, with the help of numerous skilled craftsmen, HerbertWayne released its first and only (yes, we said only) item, The Pioneer timepiece!

Committed to quality, growth, affordability and overall excellence, the brand has since released multiple men and women accessories with plans for more!

Based right outside the Houston city limits, we continue to work diligently to provide a wide array of products everyone can relate to that look GREAT with any outfit!

This is HerbertWayne!


Welcome to HerbertWayne

Men and Womens Accessories From Genuine Leather Handbags and Stylish Shades to Automatic Watches. Save 15% on your first purchase by entering code AD15 at checkout! Free Shipping on all orders. FB/IG: @officialherbertwayne www.HerbertWayne.com

Posted by HerbertWayne on Sunday, September 16, 2018

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Let your accessory speak for you.

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Pair any outfit with a trendy, unique accessory by HerbertWayne and you’re sure to draw the compliments of your peers! Each piece has been handcrafted to speak for itself in any arena.

Built to last, designed to impress and priced to afford; This is modern accessories!


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