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HERMARKET™ is a platform that creates spaces for women-owned indie brands in the beauty lifestyle + apparel industries to connect with today's marketplace.
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HERMARKET™ is a platform that strategically partners with brands to curate market-style pop-up experiences. Our goal is to create a space for women-owned indie brands in beauty, lifestyle + apparel to thrive through connection + interaction with Millennials + Gen-Zer’s, local shop owners + influencers.

Indie brands are taking the world by storm providing not only a different buying experience but more clean, ethical products for consumers that are conscious about what they’re putting in and on their bodies.

These brands have the freedom to do business on their own terms however, it can also be a little more challenging whether it’s with finances, branding or manufacturing. Where there was once a void, HERMARKET® offers a platform and resources for indie brands to be discovered and thrive. From curated, in-person experiences connecting them to the marketplace to educational programming, it’s our vow to shine a light on her and her brand.


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A platform for women-owned indie brands in the beauty, lifestyle + fashion spaces to educate + connect them with the millennial and gen z markets through curated experiences.


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