KOA Clothing Company

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Handmade genuine Panama Hats, amazingly comfortable Aloha Shirts, stylish Boho clothing, and beautifully designed ocean inspired jewelry.
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KOA Clothing Company

Our Story

We aren’t total experts, but we are people just like you looking to create the most comfortable and unique designs not only for summer but for everyday wear, that’s very important! We are beach people that met, made lots of memories, got married and raised our children with our toes in the sand. That’s our happy place. Hector and I were born in Ecuador which is a very special place for us and because of that, we want to bring a little part of our roots to KOA.

KOA Clothing Company is an eco-conscious and eco-friendly brand that was born out of our love for the ocean. We choose carefully our materials and fabrics and how they are processed. Creating something unique is the most challenging but exciting part of the designs. We lived in Hawaii for many years and that is also part of our inspiration for KOA, we learn to respect and enjoy the culture, at the same time we learned to take care of the land. We actively contribute with organizations to help clean the ocean and beaches. Furthermore, with our KOA Handmade Straw Hats woven by Ecuadorian artisans, we help entire families maintain their small traditional family business.

For the future, we want to keep creating simply the best quality, eco-friendly and sustainable products and packaging for you! We are very proud parents of Noah and all the remaining profit of this company will go to his college education.

Thank you, Mahalo!

Posted by KOA on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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