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LAMIK Beauty is a vegan cosmetics line with natural and organic ingredients. LAMIK is an acronym it stands for Love And Makeup In Kindness.
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LAMIK Beauty

Our Story

Welcome to LAMIK! I’m excited to tell you a little of my story.

In college, I worked as a makeup artist at the mall. I loved helping women discover their natural beauty. I felt a calling to work in the beauty industry and dreamed of creating a makeup line. But when I researched the ingredients used to make the products, I was appalled. I remember thinking, “I can’t put my name on that and sell it to people!”

I set out to find a manufacturer who could work with me to launch a natural, safe beauty brand for women of color. It was not easy to find someone who would work with a startup, but I didn’t give up! In a moment that felt like destiny fulfilled, I met a chemist who worked with me to create my brand.

I first opened LAMIK as a brick and mortar store in Houston, Texas. The store sold my collection of natural, organic and vegan beauty products for women of color. Soon LAMIK was much more than a place! LAMIK became a community where women knew they belonged.

Last year, I felt a new calling. As I looked around and saw how LAMIK was empowering women of color in Houston, I dreamed of more. I wanted women around the world to experience the same thing. After winning a business competition, I moved to Austin, Texas to join a startup accelerator and launch LAMIK online.

When I first created LAMIK, the name was nothing more than my name spelled backward with an LA in front? The LA came from my middle name. I’m an 80s baby, so I knew LaTasha’s, LaMeka’s, and somebody reading this may be a LA___, so at the time it made sense.

But when a buyer asked me the meaning of my brand name, I just couldn’t tell that story. At that moment, purpose prevailed and I responded Love and Makeup in Kindness. I realized that is what LAMIK really stands for and the power of true beauty is that it comes from within.

That’s why I always say Beauty is Revealed, Not Applied.

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Posted by LAMIK Beauty on Friday, August 2, 2019

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Beauty is Revealed, not applied.

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LAMIK Beauty is re-launching with our Celebrity Brow kit made to serve all shades. Available Fall/Winter 2018

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