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Lip Lock'd Cosmetics is a labor of love, developed in 2016. Lip Lock'd focuses on health, beauty and overall expression of character via lips.
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Lip Lock’d Cosmetics

Our Story


At Lip Lock’d Cosmetics, we have two lines of product that we think will make your experience easy and rewarding.

1. Intuition

This line of products is coined “Beauty By Nature.” This line includes lip scrubs, Vitamin E and C sticks, Lip Toxyl, and basically, any product that will enhance the health and protection of your lips.

2. Vibe

This line of products is coined “Vivacious Beauty.” This is where you will find the gloss, color, color-stay, and shimmer products. This line of products is developed to accentuate your natural beauty and enhance your vibe.

We hope that you will enjoy both lines of the product together, as Step 1…Step 2 process. That way you will reap the benefits of all that we have to offer!

Unapologetically Gorgeous

“Unapologetically Gorgeous” is a phrase that we say meaning: Be confident in who you are. We, at Lip Lock’d are honored to be a catalyst to that confidence!

Lip Lock’d Cosmetics™ focuses on helping your lips achieve the perfect look while also focusing on health, beauty, and overall color expression.

Savvy, Sexy, Hard-working, and Down-to-Earth. We focus on keeping your lips healthy, smooth, and laced in the best colors and ingredients.

Wearing Lip Lock’d Cosmetics is like having a best friend guide you through the best lip regimen that you didn’t know you needed!



Posted by Lip Lock'd Cosmetics on Saturday, June 16, 2018

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