Meraki Wayuu

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Handmade bags and accessories by artisans from the Wayuu tribe in Colombia, S.A. Let the colors tell your story.
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Meraki Wayuu

Our Story

Meraki Wayuu comes to you from the Wayuu Tribe of La Guajira, Colombia. Our mission is to empower global artisans in disadvantaged areas, raise multicultural awareness, and promote social justice and cultural preservation through economic fair trade.  We want the artisans to share their stories and traditions.

Every Wayuu item has a story behind it. Meraki Wayuu aims to maintain intact, keep, and preserve the uniqueness and beauty of every handmade item.

All items are uniquely made just like you!

Why the name Meraki Wayuu (mer-ah-ki  Wa- You)?

Meraki is a Greek word meaning to do something with soul, creativity and love. To put something of yourself into the work that you do and Wayuu is in representation of the artisans we work with.  The brand name represents every artisan and their creativity. The company’s name also represents the effort we put into the company and our mission.

Enjoy Bucket Bags size (L,MED, SM), Cross body Bag straps that may also be used as camera straps and yoga strap mat carriers.

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