NuvèLuxx Raw

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NUVÈLUXX RAW is a company focused on providing high quality RAW hair Extensions and Mink Lashes.
    • Accessories
    • Women
    • Beauty
  • Avg Sale: $150
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  • Based in Austin
  • Est. 2018

NuvèLuxx Raw

Our Story


NuvèLuxx is a black-owned business which launched in 2018. With passion and dedication behind this company, we believe anything is possible.

The main focus and vision for this company are to empower and uplift all women of all nationalities. While doing so with providing outstanding customer service, raw authentic hair extensions with phenomenal versatility and memorable experience with each handcrafted unit.

We believe that every woman wants to be her best self, it all starts with the real you.


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Let your inner ego out!

  • Apparel - Womens
  • RAW extensions & Mink Lashes
  • Cambodian
  • Indian
  • Burmese


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