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PREACHER, PRAYER WARRIOR, & PRETTYPRENEUR. I'm on a mission to teach and empower women like you using prayer and strategic planning as tools necessary to grow and mature into who God has created you to be.
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Pray Pretty

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Whether you recognize me from traveling with my very popular faith brand, Pray Pretty, have heard me, minister, at your local church, or attended one of my amazingly curated events for female bosses- I am glad you are here! Welcome in! If you are ready to shift your spiritual life and business, I am here to help you.

Get ready to PRAY THEN SLAY.

After building Pray Pretty from a weekly prayer call to a full business with products and services, I received a cease and desist letter stating I had no legal rights to the name I branded and used for years. Imagine the hurt and devastation I faced when I learned that I needed to completely re-brand and essentially tear down everything I worked years to build, all because my brand was not properly protected!

Some of the greatest lessons you learn in life come from the pain you endure and overcome. The lessons that I learned through that experience has made me an expert in the field of business branding and marketing. My purpose in coaching and consulting is to make sure another entrepreneur never experiences some of the hard lessons I’ve learned. Working with me to develop your business will help you create systems that will monetize your ideas and maximize your influence while avoiding the pitfalls that affect some new businesses.

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I am a preacher, teacher, influencer, millennial entrepreneur, business strategist, and branding guru. In addition, to juggling single motherhood, ministry, being everyone’s “go-to girl” and a not so healthy addiction to Bath & Body Works candles, I am the one-stop-shop for whatever you need, in faith and business! I build brands from consulting marketing, strategizing and designing –

I am here to help you manifest your dreams.


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