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Republic of Texas Clothiers is a lifestyle clothing company that sells authentic attire for authentic people who choose to....Secede from the Ordinary.
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Republic of Texas Clothiers

Our Story

Our logo and clothes exemplify the authentic spirit of the Lone Star State. The State Dog of Texas was bred and named by the Lacy brothers of Burnet County, Texas in the 1850’s. Just a few years after the Republic of Texas was born, the Blue Lacy breed was created. In 2005, the Blue Lacy dog was designated the official breed of Texas.

The Blue Lacy is known for its speed, hunting, and survival traits. This is a result of the fact that the breed originates from a coyote, greyhound, and scenthound mix. The Blue Lacy is a working breed and like many Texans, known for their fierce loyalty and active lifestyle.#


Posted by Republic of Texas Clothiers on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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