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Samshék is an online retail shop with a premium offering in the ladies-wear fashion market, which allows consumers to choose a chic garment from its designer collection and either order this as shown in the range of standard sizes or customise the chosen item to suit one’s size, style, design, fabric or colour – one’s personal clothing preferences and creativity can now be a reality, as well as allowing non-standard sized individuals to choose and wear the clothes that at last make them feel fashionable and confident.

Whether the clothes chosen are ready-to-wear or customised to one’s own style the purchase price remains the same and all garments are made-to-order and manufactured the same day, allowing the consumer to take delivery of the chosen items anywhere in India between 3 to 5 days, in UK and US in 5 Days from placing an online order.


Samshék embraces the fashion popularism that inspires and creates trends that appeal to the modern consumer. Samshék recognizes that not all customers fit the mainstream retail clothing offerings, but rather seek the clothing that better suits their body size and shape, mood, character, style, and temperament. With Samshék’s clothing customization option and timely delivery, the customer’s wonderful lifestyle and fashion desires can now become a reality.


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Ready-to-Wear Or Customised Clothing Delivered In 5 Days Within India, the UK, and the USA.


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