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Handcrafted textiles and jewerly from the hearts and hands of artisans in Asia.


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Sapana came about after returning to the USA from an over seas assignment. We fell in love with the stories, cultures, and colors of Asia. In an effort to preserve traditional handicraft techniques and to empower artisans through employment opportunities – SAPANA came to be. We work directly with our artisans to bring you their stories. As told through their work and designs. Clutches from hand woven dhurries, kanthas stitched in detail, jewelry from self taught artists – these are a few of the things you can find when working with SAPANA.

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Our line is constantly evolving as we travel to meet new artisans. Cambodia is next on our list. And we have some amazing new designs coming for 2019.
Our dhurrie rug clutches have consistently been a success and we will always feature them, with new patterns seasonally. Thread and dyes are sourced from Southern India. These materials are used by artisans in rural villages outside of Jaipur to hand loom dhurrie rugs. Depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the rug – it can take one person up to 10 days to complete the work. Our rugs are then sent into Jaipur where our master tailor transforms them into handbags.

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