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Abstract artwork inspired by everyday living as a mother, wife, and high school counselor.

Sarah in the Studio

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As a full-time high school counselor and weekend artist, my work is inspired by a personal desire to help empower or help people feel a calming, peaceful and centered vibe when they see my work. The painting and creative work I do is intuitive, meaning not much planning happens before I walk into the studio.   My wish is for anyone who displays my art in their personal space that it brings a level of energy that generates a positive, impactful statement or bring life and peace into a room, very similarly the way I view working with high school students.  If this happens, I have accomplished everything.

Sarah Luna Fine Art came out of my dream to create artwork as a reflection of the way I wish and intend to move through the world.

I am a mixed media artist who mainly works in a style that is colorful, vibrant and as I like to say, “a party on your wall.” Some of my favorite mediums are glitter and resin work. I also enjoy working with alcohol inks, but I never stay with just one medium at a time since I need to alternate, depending on what’s inspiring me at the time.

Inspiration comes in so many forms for me, so I am at a constant change of mediums. One week it’s fluid artwork, and the next week might consist of acrylic paint and oil pastels.

There are many moments when I want to create something calm, serene and anchoring. This usually means I need to take a break from the glitter and spare my family from more glitter showing up on their clothes, in their hair, and on the kitchen countertops. The calmer works are usually influenced by sunrises and sunsets when nature most shows off her beauty of colors.

I think I am most proud of the fact that I am starting this business after the age of 40. I used to hear the message that after 40 is when “it all goes to hell” or you’re now “over the hill,” but I don’t buy this for a second. I call bullshit. I feel even more energized and hopeful about the work and the challenges to come. I’m excited and proud to be emerging as a new woman artist balancing career and family and who is excited to see what the future holds.


Good thing this is moving so fast that you don’t see me eat a huge chunk of paint as I put the handle of a paintbrush in my mouth bc I needed my fingers! Eatin’ paint at 7:30am. Breakfast.Here is a time lapse of @johnrosspalmer challenge he gave me to do 12 11x14 pieces on paper in 45 minutes.Whew! It was fun, but I felt myself trying to “play it safe” until the very end. I mean, what’s that about? I really could have spent 2 more hours doing this, but I LOVE pushing myself like this.@artlaunchorg ....#escapist2020 #houstonartist #houarts #heightsarts #localhoustonartist #studioscenesofanescapist #miniabstracts #timelapseart #texasartist #womenwhopaint #studioscenes

Posted by Sarah in the Studio on Saturday, February 8, 2020

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