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Hand-laced premium leather goods slow-crafted in Chicago.

SKG Leather

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•100% Craftsman, 100% Local
SKG Leather is my line of hand-laced premium leather goods. I source my leathers from Chicago’s historic, multi-generation family-run tannery, Horween Leather. Every piece of SKG Leather is hand-cut, hand-laced, and hand-branded by me in my Chicago studio. No sewing machine is ever involved; this is truly old world craftsmanship of the highest quality. This is a slow, time-consuming process that results in the strongest, most durable, long-lasting leather goods. Those who use an SKG Leather piece will be able to enjoy it for decades!

#marchmeetthemaker Day 12 | Hands at Work:..Here's me anchoring the crossbody strap to the #skgmini bag. (Also, can I have this manicure back, please?)

Posted by SKG Leather on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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