Southern Skyrolls

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All of your favorite eats in a fried artisan roll to go!
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  • Based in Houston
  • Est. 2018

Southern Skyrolls

Our Story

Owning my own eatery has always been a goal that I’ve wanted to reach when the timing was right.  I had a few different professions leading up to the year 2018 when I started Southern Skyrolls.  I worked as a financial advisor, sold insurance, delivered packages and was studying to reactivate my real estate  license.  I was let go in August of 2018 from my insurance gig and decided the time was right to move forward with a new food concept that I had been experimenting with.  I took my idea  to a friend who owns a local restaurant chain and he fell in love with the concept.  He immediately added my product to his menu and Southern Skyrolls was born!



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All in the dough 2 go!

  • Food and Drink

We have taken all of your favorite eats and conveniently wrap them in our fried skins for you to enjoy on the go! Come try our Shrimpotle Skyroll which is filled with delicious shrimp, bacon and our homemade creamy chipotle sauce!

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