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Texas Cajun Creole Delicious Gourmet Southern Style Cooking at it's Finest !
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Southern Taste

Our Story

Southern Tastes is an authentic scratch cooking kitchen with quality local ingredients.

Born out of part Northern and Southern Louisiana made with a Texas flare. While other folks might eat to live, Cajuns definitely live to eat from crawfish etouffee to gumbo, Boudain to po-boys and red beans.

Cajun has lots of meaning: hard-working with a can-do spirit, having a wonderful sense of humor with a Texas smile. If it crawls, walks, or swims, we probably have a sauce to it then smoke it grill it fry it then boil it.

Where a culture that has designed elaborate apparatuses for cooking anything from whole pigs to “drunk” chickens, smoked alligators, and delicious po-boys.

We put serious effort into having fun, our families are the most important part of our culture, and family reunions and church on Sunday are nearly mandatory.



Thank you Adriana Richey for doing such and amazing job on Southern Taste video! I hope everyone enjoys!! Please like and share!!!

Posted by Southern Taste on Sunday, July 30, 2017

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Southern Style Cooking at it's Finest!

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