Southern Taste

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Texas Cajun Creole Delicious Gourmet Southern Style Cooking at it's Finest !
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  • Est. 2011

Southern Taste

Our Story

Southern Tastes is an authentic scratch cooking kitchen with quality local ingredients. Born out of part Northern and Southern Louisiana made with a Texas flare. While other folks might eat to live, Cajuns definitely live to eat from crawfish etouffee, to gumbo, Boudain to po-boys and red beans. Cajun has lots of meaning: hard-working with a can-do spirit, having a wonderful sense of humor with a Texas smile. If it crawls, walks, or swims, we probably have a sauce to it then smoke it grill it fry it then boil it. Where a culture that has designed elaborate apparatuses for cooking anything from whole pigs to “drunk” chickens, smoked alligators, and delicious po-boys. We put serious effort into having fun, our families are the most important part of our culture, and family reunions and church on Sunday are nearly mandatory.



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