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In World Full of Bros, Be a Gent.

Stately Gentlemen Clothing Company

Our Story

Fall 2012, Jerrod Johnson was watching his alma mater’s Football game at one of the busiest sports bars in Houston. The bar was filled with young professional men and women all wearing the respective colors of their alma maters or geographic affiliations. While taking a lap around the establishment, he noticed that most of the people in the bar were trying their best to put a fashion forward spin on their dated sports apparel.

After several conversations with people who shared their love for wearing their team colors at work, or on game day. I realized the clothing industry lacked a unifying brand that allowed business professionals and fans to express support for their city, alma mater or regional affiliations in the classiest, fashion forward way possible. At that moment, I started surveying people, researching fabrics, studying styles and allocating funds.

After, six years of thought, planning and allocating resources Stately Gentlemen Clothing Company is finally here. Our goal is to design fashion forward menswear that allows our customers to express their individuality and geographic affiliations through timeless designs focused on comfort and class.

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The Brand for Modern Gentlemen

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Regionally strategic menswear made from premium materials, with a portion of our quarterly proceeds donated to charity.

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