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Tauvanne is a online women's clothing brand based out of Houston, Texas. It specializes in personal styling and the latest in fashion.
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Teeze N’ Trendz

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Tauvanne personalizes in women’s fashion, closet organizing and personal styling we mainly focus on women and helping them feel more comfortable in their own skin. We sell women’s clothing at our pop-up shop in the Galleria and through our Instagram page, but we are trying to expand the personal styling and closet organizing in the Houston area and start focusing more on that.

My name is Tauvanne Estrada and I am the owner of Tauvanne LLC (Tauvanne.com). I am originally from Dallas, Texas both born and raised. I moved to Houston 12 yrs ago to follow my dream of becoming a nurse right after High School and to be close to my mother since at the time she was the only one I could count on to help me finish school after becoming a single mother.

My family is from Mexico and all live in Dallas at the moment but, I have been very blessed to have both of my parents understand and support me after breaking the news to them that I did not want to finish school anymore and that I wanted to go after my dreams of owning my own business one day. I worked really hard and even dreamed about this day for years. I have a love for fashion that I can not explain.

I then started my online clothing store in February of 2018 as Teeze N’ Trendz a name I picked out to try to fit in with the competitive world of retail. I knew from the beginning I wanted to be unique and name my store after my first name “Tauvanne” but at the same time, I was scared people would reject it. I have to admit that from the beginning I was never one hundred percent honest with myself and I went against many dreams and ideas with fear of what other people might think or whether or not they would accept me in this industry.

It has been my long life dream to have a clothing boutique, closet organizer but my main focus is on one-day styling every woman in Houston

I describe my business more of a personal stylist and motivator… To me, Tauvanne.com is a lot more than just selling clothes. I love to style women and motivate them with my story to help them achieve their goals without fear and not make the same mistakes that I have made along the way, I have learned a lot throughout my journey.

I have made many mistakes that have only helped me grow for the better. I have worked very hard had sleepless nights constantly working on new ideas. All I have been through is part of growing, so to all women out there with big dreams and projects as long as it’s your true passion, everything will slowly fall into place.

My brand teaches so many other things than just dressing women. Tauvanne.Com is not just a “brand” its a lifestyle!


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As the indecisive women that we are, we always tend to take hours getting ready. We destroy our closet digging away looking for that perfect outfit for the perfect occasion to end up right back to where we started with nothing…

“Well it all changes from here, we got you .”

We help you find your TRUE style to get ready faster, increase your confidence and make that big impression!


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