The Black Hipster.

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We are a clothing brand and vintage clothing boutique.
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  • Based in Houston
  • Est. 2018

The Black Hipster.

Our Story

Welcome to The Black Hipster. a vintage clothing shop fusing quality recycled pieces with modern looks to create the perfect #vintagelifestyle look!

Our personal brand highlights minimalist styles, and modern vintage looks.

For the hipster just trying to be different when everyone is, “different.”

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What is a Black Hipster?

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Like many cultural trends, this one straddles race, politics, fashion and art. The Black Hipster is the new urban youth, racially ambiguous in your fashion statements, defiant of the “hipster” label, even if you’re in on the joke. The Black Hipster is the “cool” kid who never really fit in. The individual just trying to be different, when everyone is “different”. It’s a lifestyle. #theblackhipster

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