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One thing women gamers always hated was being given was a pink game controller by the guys to play with. We took the name, The Pink Controller hoping we could turn it into a powerful symbol for women geeks and gamers everywhere, not unlike the hats donned by the women in the Women’s March. All of our apparel, jewelry, and cosplay is handpicked or designed by us. Not because it’s sexy, not because a man thought his girlfriend or friend would look hot in it, but because it’s what we’d wear. It’s what we love and hope you’ll love too. It is as our motto states we are just ‘a better way to pink.’

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Our store carries apparel, cosplay, handbags, accessories and collectibles for the female geek/nerd/techie/comicbookgeekgirl. Looking for a Wonder Woman handbag to wear to a swanky Christmas Party or the perfect Harry Potter necklace to wear out on a casual date? We have it covered.

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