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Interdisciplinary Houston artist striving to make the world a better place through art.

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I aim to create powerful and persuasive art with a social function, that challenges our understanding of the world in which we live and how we operate within it.

As an artist, I am a reflector, translator, and mediator of societal issues, including racial and gender inequality, civil rights, globalization, environmental crisis, greed, cultural and social identity.

I create works that act as windows, providing insight and focus on complex subjects, while offering my unique interpretations, and raising difficult questions.

My current body of work can be described as Expressive Assemblage consisting of found materials with symbolic potency reborn to tell their stories in mixed media paintings and assemblage sculptures.

Every piece I create has numerous interwoven layers of stories and experiences that can only be seen by returning and looking even deeper. When the viewer seeks to understand the story behind a piece of my work, they begin to remember a forgotten history and their part in that history.

My hope and ultimate goal as an artist is to inspire viewers to open their eyes to what is really happening in our world, so they in turn can find the valor and compassion to be a voice for the oppressed, discarded and forgotten.


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Posted by Slaughter Fine Art on Monday, February 17, 2020

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“Art is a language everyone can understand, and I believe it has the power to save us all.”

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I am a Houston, Texas-based interdisciplinary artist who works in a variety of mediums. My art is inspired by the exploration of different cultures and how social constructs define one’s growth and identity.

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Self-taught artist and creative. Painting and creating to me is just as crucial to my existence as air and water. Both are necessary for my day-to-day survival and growth. I paint because it truly makes me happier and gives me a feeling of self-worth more than anything else on earth. I’ve drawn and created since I was a kid, and I continue today.


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