Upgrade Salon

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We source the highest quality, raw human hair extensions and use the finest lace to customize wigs that mimic natural hairlines.
    • Accessories
    • Women
    • Beauty
  • Avg Sale: $250
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  • Based in Houston
  • Est. 2016

Upgrade Salon

Our Story


Totteanna Sowels is a Serial Entrepreneur. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Ms. Sowels understood from an early age that one’s outer beauty is often reflected in the way others perceive you. She has often conveyed the idea that hair plays a prominent role in making someone feel beautiful. She studied cosmetology in high school mastering skills in coloring, styling, and extensions.

Ms. Sowels earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Texas Southern University. She has taken her knowledge and expertise and put it to good use and now owns and operates four successful businesses, including a world-class virgin hair line, Vintage eyewear line, faux fur line and shoe boutique.

As a well-regarded style influencer, Ms. Sowels reflects: “I love all things fashionable and feel incredibly blessed that I’ve found a career that resonates with me so perfectly. Ms. Sowels is passionate about fashion and has created multiple platforms that enable women to look and feel dynamic and confident.


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